From fashion to magic shops, there’s more than you think when it comes to shopping.

The city's nightlife has been reborn recently with dozens of quality bars, pubs and clubs. Independently brilliant. Be surprised.



Come and experience our events in Wakefield city centre.

Alert your taste buds, because the city’s dining scene is amazing.

Surprised? You will be. What makes Wakefield city centre OMG WFD?

Galleries, museums and
movies - discover what
there is to do for fun.

Birthplace of a world-famous sculptor, home to a world-class art gallery - Wakefield is a cultural hotbed.

Live music, comedy and stage shows. We’ve got more culture than you can shake a cultural stick at.

Getting to Wakefield is easy by plane, train and automobile! See here for more including parking.

Wakefield city centre is a class act when it comes to educational experiences.

What's this? OMG? Why?
We’ll tell you.

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