The Velveteen Rabbit

Date: 17/04/2020


Wakefield Theatre Walker Studios: 17th April - 19th April

After sell-out performances in spring 2019, In On The Act bring back the magical tale of the boy and his rabbit. Join them once again for this heart-warming adventure, mixed with song, dance and enchanting storytelling.

Once upon a time, in a Boy's playroom, bursting with marvellous mechanical toys and astonishing automated knick-knacks, there sat a very lonely and abandoned Velveteen Rabbit. This soft and squishy toy longed for the day when the playful pair would set off on many thrilling adventures. When that magical day finally arrived, off they set to explore the wonders of the world. Come along on their fantastical journey and see the real transformation love can make.

Recommended age 4 – 7 years


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