14.04.20 We Want You!

Posted on: 15/04/2020


We want you!
We want to help you!
We want to help as many City Centre businesses, to help one another.

What can we do for you? Let us know how we can help you.

Share & keep talking about your favourite Wakefield Business, leave reviews online, let's not forget about our favourite places to visit!

Businesses & visitors sign up for FREE at you can help by shopping local during Covid-19.

Shout about our keyworkers, that special coffee, amazing accountant, delicious pizza, florist, solicitor, cheesy chips, craft store, travel agent, the list goes on and on... let's keep them all in our hearts and minds.

We can all try something new, we can all share our experiences, empathy, desire to help one another & keep Wakefield thriving as an online community for now with love, compassion, friendship & creativity. So let's keep Wakefield alive and start a regular online connection with one another along with joining in with the nation to clap for our NHS & Keyworkers every Thursday at 8pm.

Let us know what you are doing and we will spread the word:

  1. Are you still trading?
  2. Are you offering an online service/presence?
  3. Would you like to volunteer?

Here are just a couple of examples of our businesses who have an online presence:

  • is now live in Wakefield, which means that we have our own digital 'shop window' for products, events and
  • Nocturno Facebook live events.
  • Wool n stuff online ordering and free delivery in the UK
  • The Den are posting singalong songs & activities to keep your little ones entertained
  • Wakefield Cathedral are streaming services
  • Silver Spice are offering Delivery
  • Turning Point services
  • Wakefield Council

Wakefield businesses, you may not be trading right now but could you offer any of these online services/have a presence by using Youtube, Facebook live and any of the many services available online? Could you be the next Joe Wicks?

If you would like to join the platform to promote these or other ideas please visit to register for FREE.

  • Cocktail making class online
  • Cooking classes online
  • Hair & make up tips online
  • Pub Quiz
  • General knowledge quiz
  • Kids quiz
  • How to make the best tasting coffee & cakes
  • Music/gigs/ DJ sets
  • Mental well-being/self-help guides
  • Fast food delivery
  • Floral deliveries
  • Craft tutorials
  • Gardening Tips
  • Solicitors assistance
  • Home improvement guides
  • Help with planning to move home
  • Business improvement guides
  • Training in all aspects of anything
  • Help with Knitting, sewing, crochet
  • Card making
  • Photography
  • Professional services
  • Dance off's
  • Wakey's got talent!
  • Music lessons
  • Kids activities
  • Reach out to the lonely/elderly/vulnerable
  • Fitness/workouts (Joe Wicks vibes!)
  • Accountancy help

Let us know what would help you to help our businesses during these unprecedented times & remember, we will get through this together if we stay home, protect the NHS, Save Lives.

‘There is light at the end of every tunnel. Some tunnels just happen to be longer than others’