Trinity Walk Footfall

Posted on: 30/07/2020

Cormac Hamilton, Centre Manager for Trinity Walk, said: "Thanks to our shoppers, store and centre teams plus the new systems we've put in place since we reopened we've seen a constant increase in footfall which is brilliant for Wakefield and the local economy.

"During our first week of reopening from June 15 our footfall was 50% of normal, each week this has grown by an average of 8% and we are now at around 80% of normal footfall. This is significantly better than national and regional figures and we think that the wide and spacious layout of the city and the open air aspect of Trinity Walk have made a big difference. The new systems designed by our retailers and the whole Trinity Walk team have been effective and are being constantly reviewed. We must also pay real credit to and thank our shoppers and visitors who have brilliant, it's been a combined effort by everyone working in and visiting the city centre. Whilst increased footfall is good we have not yet hit full capacity meaning there's plenty of space for shoppers and our paramount aim continues to be to provide the safest and most enjoyable environment we possibly can."


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