Wakefield isn't just a carbon copy of every other small city. It's much more. After all, we did say you would be surprised (pleasantly that is).


It’s a city frequented by many a famous person. Did you know it’s said the legendary Houdini often visited Wakefield bridge looking for ghost, namely a spectral horseman? Maybe that’s why we have Merlins magic shop. Yes, you read that right – a magic shop. But not just any. Famous magicians including Yorkshire’s own Dynamo have often visited to get their hands on the latest artefacts from the magic circle…before they vanish!

Wool ‘N’ Stuff


If you’re after something more crafty, then these yarn-based shops are perfect for you. Bang on trend is Wool ‘N’ Stuff where you will find all your knitting needs stitched together in their store on Upper Kirkgate near the Halifax bank. We can hear your needles knitting as we speak. Add in Habiknit and their passion – and wide ranging stock – for all things knitting and sewing and you literally have some awesome craftwork (the activity, not the band).


Everywhere has a burger place, but nowhere else has a Jacobs. After years of researching what makes the best burger, the bosses behind this new independent eatery are convinced they have hit on a winning formula – and most customers tend to agree. Globally inspired, locally sourced, their food is infused with the can-do independent spirit of Wakefield.



Another foodie institution is the multi-award-winning Hofmann’s of Wakefield who have served the city for more than 120 years. Butchers and pie makers, they have won more awards than you have had hot dinners. You can say the same for Allums where generations of the family have tweaked their recipe for fine fresh meat and their own creations – stop by for their Wakefield Sausage. Then there is the famous Wakefield Pie Shop which has been serving the city day and night for years. It’s an institution. Stop reading this, come to Wakefield, eat pie, be happy.

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It would not be a WFD WOW page without mentioning rhubarb, so we did. Just now. Why? Because our city centre is the capital of the world-famous Rhubarb Triangle and plays host to the world’s only festival of rhubarb every February, run by the team at Wakefield Council. It’s awesome and makes February worth getting out of bed for.