OMG WFD is here to positively promote Wakefield city centre – run by Wakefield BID (Business Improvement District). It’s about what we do have – right here, right now – and sharing that with people. Cities have to be brave, now more than ever, and promote themselves as a whole to grow and to attract what we want for the future. We can grow pride, shout louder and be prouder

But WHY?

But why OMG WFD? It’s all about surprise and dispelling myths. OMG WFD plays on both people’s negative perceptions and also on the surprisingly brilliant reality of the city. “There’s nowt in Wakefield”. Not true. There’s loads – just ask the hundreds of business and thousands of people they employ. And the millions of people who visit.

Changing Perceptions

It’s about changing perceptions, so we go from “NO!” to “Woah!” Brave? Stupid? A mix? Maybe, but it’s got your attention. And we thank you for that. Businesses, groups, teams, educators are all on board, they get it. It can be flexible too. WFD ART, WFD GIG, WFD EAT.

To the people of Wakefield: this is your city – enjoy it and share it with others. To visitors: come and see what we are all about. You’ll be surprised.